Payroll Supervisor -White Plains, NY

Posted on 03-9-2019

Job Description

The Payroll Supervisor is responsible for all aspects of payroll. This includes determining employee withholding of legal benefits, other deductions including health insurance and pension deductions and preparing such checks that are not done through ADP.


  • Input information to ADP data base regarding the new hires, new hourly rates, new or changes to voluntary deductions, and changes in tax withholdings.
  • Perform reconciliations of voluntary deductions-employee loans, Aflac insurance, IDS at President Life and pension loans.
  • Input allocation of employee hours to programs.
  • Check accuracy of payroll and downloads the bi-weekly payroll information from ADP to the Fundware accounting system. 
  • Set up monthly and year and end payroll accruals. Assists in establishing the fiscal year end vacation accrual.
  • Maintain monthly analyses of individual voluntary deductions and payments.
  • Prepare monthly analysis of pension plan contributions and submit to carrier on a timely basis.
  • Update employee records for short term and long term disability information.
  • Prepare quarterly analyses of workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance expenses.
  • Responsible for monthly payments of federal and state tax deposits.
  • Responsible for quarterly 941 and NYS 45 unemployment insurance returns.
  • Perform reconciliations for inter-fund receivables related to payroll-unemployment insurance, pension and workers’ compensation.
  • Ensure the employee information is updated for changes in health insurance eligibility.

Key Working Relationships

  • Internal: Requires regular communication with fiscal and HR staff, and all agency employees.             
  • External: Health insurance and pension insurance carrier, ADP, tax authorities and weatherization funding source.    

Organizational Responsibilities

  • Maintain financial records and procedures appropriate to payroll reporting and weatherization program reporting.
  • Assist in reconciliation of payroll and health insurance bank accounts.
  • Ensure timelines and accuracy in the carryout of daily accounting and fiscal operations and reporting.

Minimum Requirements

  • Specific payroll skill set and ability to juggle financial priorities. Ability to meet deadlines. Self-motivated, detail orientated, and highly organized. Ability to work well in a flexible office environment.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Finance or relevant experience.
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience with nonprofit budgeting and accounting systems.
  • Experience in using computers and business software, preferably Fundware, and Excel and Word.